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Walcot Group

President/CEO's Message

As a company, we are responsible for driving our business forward to the benefit of all our stakeholders. This will only be accomplished by our continued focus on quality, reliability, durability, vocational value and customer service. While our constant desire to improve will change some of the things we do as a company, we will always continue to exercise ethical business practices, maintain a respect for the individual and run our business in ways that earn us the trust of those whom we encounter. Throughout our history, we have been a wellspring of innovation, creativity and technological advances. And I am proud to say, WALCOT plans to continue its heritage of leadership in the markets we serve and in the communities where we live and work. Our people have never shied away from hard work or difficult tasks. We continue to believe that our products, services and the value they add to our customers' businesses remain the fundamental elements of our continued success.

Christopher Nwabueze Ezea - President/CEO

Key Themes

Proven Strategy - Low Risk Business Model
  • 90%+ of EBITDA derived from regulated assets or long-term contracts
  • Planned establishment of vegetable oil processing plant to meet market demand and take advantage of our crop production business
Visible Growth since inception
  • Over N25 billion of near-term growth projects
  • Over N10 billion of Public Sector Infrastructural projects done till date
Diversification of Portfolio Companies to mitigate risk
  • Our 5 year business plan allows us research and prepare for future developments today
  • We focus on opportunities that enhance our already established capabilities
Financial Discipline
  • Finance long-term assets with long-term capital
  • Corporate structure is simple and understandable