Walcot Limited

Finding suppliers and buyers, producers and customers is what WALCOT does for a living and we are good at it!

We are a trading company with our core business being frozen foods. We are reputably known locally and internationally for our abilities in the frozen fish importation market. Our experienced and skilled team of employees around the world enables us to keep a close watch on the trading business globally. This comes at a huge advantage to our customers who, through us, have the ability to continuously remain abreast of the market which is ever-changing.

We also provide the added advantage of unique pricing due to the ability and efficiency of WALCOT's bulk distribution of a diversity of frozen foods around the country. We are reputable for our guaranteed delivery times and quality of goods. This has led to our established clientele who are assured and certain of our highest regard to their respective businesses. We are ever-ready to aid financially or otherwise in the buying and/or selling of frozen goods. We undertake the risk of foreign exchange quotations, market prices and extending credit.